RV Travel Tips for Beginners

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RV Travel Tips for Beginners

A favorite pastime for many persons is being able to freely travel and enjoy it at their leisure. A really easy and inclusive method of travel being enjoyed is via the recreational vehicle (RV). If you plan on using an RV soon, here are some tips which can make the entire experience mush easier for all concerned.

Plan Ahead

Traveling by RV requires that you become aware of the route(s) and sites you plan on seeing. The size of your motorhome will also impact what roads you can legally travel on. Another tip is to book campsites ahead of your journey as those sites may be full thanks to other travelers doing the same thing. If this is your first time camping, book site with full hookups as they will also have convenience stores stocked with supplies in case anything was left at home.

Respect Distances and Time Estimates

A route may seem like a simple route on a map, actual driving conditions regularly found on that road will impact your estimated time of arrival. Additionally, persons living near to or in urban centers would need time to have their bodies adjust to much longer driving times and winding roads. Some roads do not have the space to accommodate you pulling over for a nap for many miles, therefore get driving estimates and plan accordingly.

Pack Lightly

Even though the phrase is a motor home, not all of the creature comforts from home can be brought on the road. Another great reason to pack lightly is the maximum carrying capacity of the RV. If the vehicle is too heavy, premature wear will occur on the RV parts and fuel efficiency will drop from a resounding 15 MPG to a mere 5 MPG. Finally, remember to have some amount of money as not all places accept cards.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon


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